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Modern Medicine: Remembering Madison Riley

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Bay County, Fla. -

Madison Riley was only five years old when a rare disorder called Mucolipidosis Type II took her life.  The enzymes in Madison's body had a hard time breaking down complex carbohydrates. This affected her ability to develop, grow and move.  News 13 first interviewed Madison's family three years ago.  She captured our hearts, as well as the community.   

Madison's parents, Shane and April Riley, are trying to stay strong through the pain. 

"She was always smiling and happy, and as long as everybody was together, she was the happiest," April says with a smile remembering her little girl. 

Madison lived a full life in her short time on Earth.

"Since receiving Madison's diagnosis and knowing that our time with her was going to be limited, there was every day that we enjoyed with her, and we had no regrets," says April. 

Madison loved to sing and praise The Lord.  Her disease started progressing in April.  Her parents prayed for six more months with her, and that's what they got.  Madison passed away in October.

April recounts those final moments, "Before Madison took her final breath, she looked at Shane and I both, and she told us she sees Jesus.  We just knew we were standing on holy ground in that hospital room and that the angels were all around us."

Madison's parents hope sharing her story will keep her memory alive and inspire others.  You can read more about the life of Madison by visiting their blog, The Life of Riley.