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Keeping Your Christmas Tree Safe and Fresh!

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Picking a tree is a difficult task, but maybe even more difficult is taking care of it once it's home. The tall treasures can be dangerous if not taken care of properly.

"There's a pretty high percentage of fires that happen around the Christmas season every year," said Garrett Jackson with Panama City Beach Fire Rescue.  

Jackson says hydration is the most important thing once your tree is home. Water your tree every day and make sure there's a fresh cut at the bottom of the trunk.

"And make sure the needles stay on when you touch it and move it around," said Jackson. "It needs to be watered daily and needs to be kept away from any heat sources: lights, candles, heaters, furnaces -- things like that."

And when it comes to the decorating part lights and bulbs can be the dangerous too. Jackson says it's important to check lights before putting them on your tree or buy fresh bulbs from year to year.

"Turn them off before leaving the house or going to bed that would reduce the risk of fire greatly," said Jackson. "And if you have a broken bulb that's an ignition point right there."

So for those who don't go the artificial route just know it takes a little more love and affection from the real guys.

Another tip to keep your trees hydrated? Use Sprite or 7-Up to water your tree. The sugar in the popular drink keeps your tree green and fresh for longer.