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Panama City Widow Recovering Closer to Home

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After losing her husband and a leg in a car accident on her honeymoon, a Panama City woman is now recovering closer to home just in time for the holidays.

Tasha Bradford spent nearly all of November at Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital but was transferred to HealthSouth Emerald Coast Rehabilitation Hospital just last week.

"I thank God everyday that even though something so dear was taken, I gained something, you know, with that strength and courage," said Tasha, as she smiled.

She is as much surrounded by love today, as she was on her wedding day. Photos of her late husband Sylvester Storey, gifts, cards, and drawings from the children at her church line the walls, making her hospital room feel a little more like home.

Tasha lost her husband and her right leg in a car accident on the way home from her honeymoon in late October.

"I've had days, just a couple of days ago, where I just cried, and I was like I can't feel sorry for myself because there are worse off people in the world, and there are worse off things going on, and I say I'm not handicapped," said Tasha. "I said I want to be positive and stay upbeat."

She isn't letting anything keep her down. Tasha spends a few hours each day working with specialists at HealthSouth to heal and adjust to living with just one leg.

"They actually, with no walker, had me standing at a table, and I was pasting things [decorations], and I was like man, I never thought I would get to this point."

Tasha said she's excited to move forward, knowing her husband would be proud.

"He would probably just smile and laugh and be like yep, that's my girl."

Tasha added she cannot wait to attend her church, go shopping at Old Navy for some new clothes, and learn to walk with a custom fit prosthesis in a couple of months.

When News 13 first spoke with Tasha's family and friends in early November, they had raised a few thousand dollars to help her out.

See that story here.

This week, family, friends and complete strangers have donated nearly $27,000. Tasha and her mother said they'll use that money to pay medical bills and other costs that add up quick.

If you would like to help or donate any money, visit the gofundme website. Family and friends also post updates there on Tasha's condition and progress.

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