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Parker Considers New Code Enforcement Ordinance

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You might see fewer overgrown and broken down properties in parker in coming months.

City officials are considering a new abatement ordinance that helps them recover money spent cleaning up.

There are a few run-down properties in Parker that are not only an eyesore, they are a safety hazard.

"My biggest goal here is to not collect a penny, It's to have all the property owners maintain their property in a way that makes Parker look as beautiful as it can be," said Mayor Rich Musgrave.

Once the city receives a complaint, they issue multiple warnings and give the property owner ample time to fix the issue. If they don't complete the process in they get a citation.

"The citation then goes to the court," said Deena Brannon, Code Enforcement. "They get a fine and they have to pay it off to the county."

If the problem persists, the city can resort to their last option of cleaning the problem themselves.  

"The city actually spends the money to correct the property and we can put a lien on the property for that money, but we can collect the money until the property sells and if it doesn't sell for years and years.. We are out the money," said Brannon.

The solution is a potential new ordinance which will speed up the process and hopefully make room in the budget. At the beginning of the year, the liens will be assessed and sent to collections.

"When property owners get their initial tax bill that will be an element that's on there," said Mayor Musgrave. "If it's a situation where someone doesn't pay their taxes, it will go to the next spring where they would sell that tax certificates.. Then the person who buys that certificate would have to also pay that amount."

An ordinance they say is essentially another tool in their tool box to get the city cleaned up.

"The overall goal since I have taken this job has been to get the city cleaned up and get it looking better," said Brannon.

Before the ordinance is final they will have one more public hearing before they vote to adopt the motion. The meeting will be on Tuesday, December  17th at 5:30 PM in Parker City Hall. The public is invited to attend.