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Brody Celebrates Special First Birthday

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According to Boston Children's Hospital, nine out of every thousand babies born in the United States has a congenital heart defect. One third of those babies will require surgery to survive their first year of life.

Here in the Panhandle one family is celebrating their child's strength in beating the odds. Brody Lampe is one year old and already he has had two open heart surgeries, cheated death four times, and despite all odds, he has a fighting spirit that is simply inspiring.

At twenty weeks doctors told Angela and Tyson Lampe their son Brody had scar tissue inside the left ventricle of his heart.

They were given three options;

  1. Terminate Brody's life
  2. Carry him to term and they can comfortably let him pass
  3. Undergo three open heart surgeries and secure fifteen to twenty healthy years of life

They opted for his life and his first open heart surgery took place six days after birth. Tyson Lampe said those hours were some of the hardest he and his wife Angela endured through the process, "We had to help roll him into the surgery area and that's when mom and I were the worst off for the first time."

Angie Lampe waited in anticipation as her second child fought to secure his life, "It's like all you can do is just sit in the room and hope everything is going to be ok. But you never know what's going to happen." Brody came through for his first open heart surgery and just a few months later he returned for a second.

He defied doctors with his strength and inspired others with his joyful spirit. Brody will have his final surgery when he reaches two and a half years of age. Both Tyson and Angie are hopeful another option will present itself that will secure Brody an even longer solution to his heart defect.

In the mean time Tyson and Angie continue to be inspired by Brody everyday they have the opportunity to spend time with their happy son.

For more information on Brody and the Lampe family visit their facebook link here. If you would like to donate to the family's funding for surgeries and travel the page has a link to donate.