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Bay County Students Try "Hour of Code"

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Education has long revolved around reading, writing, and arithmetic. However, this week, some Bay County Teachers are adding computer programming to their curriculum.

Students are joining a nationwide campaign for an "Hour of Code."

Young students are growing up with technology right at their finger tips. Computers, tablets, and Smart Boards are the norm in their classrooms. So, learning the science behind technology, like their favorite games, is proving to be a fun and valuable lesson.

The non-profit organization launched the campaign in hopes of getting students of all ages interested in computer science.

At Tommy Smith Elementary School, Ms. Maddox's third grade students learned the basics of writing code through familiar games like Angry Birds.

They were glued to their computers, as they spent their second "Hour of Code" this week.

"Behind every game, the person who makes it has to tell it by codes what to do," said Madison McNeil.

"It's like cool math, everything has to have a code," said Kale Callahan.

Campaign organizers hope more than ten million students will try an "Hour of Code."

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