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Mosley's Nikki Youd- Scholar Athlete of the Week

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Mosley senior Nikki Youd has always done things early. The gymnast decided at a young age that Gymnastics was her future, and at just 16 years old, she committed to Iowa, signing her letter of intent last month. Nikki's worked hard to get to where she's at, both in and out of the gym, because for Nikki, gymnastics is life. The senior's day doesn't end when the final bell rings, as she loads up the car with three of her teammates and drives to Dothan every day to train.

"It's a long day," she laughed. "I'm tired by the end of the week. People don't understand it as well because they don't see it happening. They don't have gymnastics meets after school. Usually meets are like six hours away. Seeing how hard me and all my friends and teammates work, I think they kind of get the sacrifices we make."

Sacrifices that haven't hurt her studies, as Nikki is soaring high with a 4.6 GPA.

"I can do gymnastics, but school needs to come first," she said. "Over the years, it's kind of been engrained that I can get gymnastics and my school work done."

That hard work has paid off, as Nikki flipped to several top ten finishes last season competing in the highest level of club gymnastics- including tying for ninth in the Nation on her favorite event- the balance beam. It's hard work that's earned her a scholarship to compete at the University of Iowa next year.

"Don't just think about what's going to happen next month," she said. "Think about setting a goal and work hard to achieve it no matter what. When it gets tough, think about that big picture. It's really motivating, and it helps. Just thinking about having to stop after this year, I couldn't do it. I love it to much. Being able to do it for another four years is so exciting. I can't wait."

After those long trips to Dothan, it's four years that are well deserved. Nikki says she hopes to compete in the All Around at Iowa, and as far as academics go? She wants to study to become a dentist.