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$636 Million Dollar Lottery Jackpot Creates Buzz

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It's the dream we all talk about, winning the lottery and becoming an instant millionaire! Tuesday, that dream could come true for someone playing the Mega Millions game. The jackpot is an estimated $636 million. That's only 20 million less than the nations record for highest Mega Millions drawing.

People were buying them left and right at convenience stores around Panama City, Tuesday.

With 259 million number combinations, there is still a chance that no one will win, which would put the jackpot  up to $950 million by Friday.

"My chances are as good as everyone else's.. You cant win unless you play.. So I'm going to play," said Becky Wood.

The chance at so much money has sent people reaching into their pockets for the 1 dollar it costs for Mega Millions ticket.

"I play a little bit, but this is more enticement to play a little bit more. Instead of the one ticket I'm buying ten," said Wood.

The computer can choose numbers at random, or participants can select their own, but no matter how you play there is a 1 in 259 million chance at winning

The mere thought of the fortune has already people sent minds racing. Retirement, charity, and lots of family time were on the top of the list.

"I would retire of course.. I would do a lot traveling.. Invest in a lot of real estate.. And spend a lot of time with my grand babies," said Wenda McKeown.

"Take care of a lot of my family, retire, give to charity," said West.

Some let their dreams wander…

"I would go get my daughter a brand new car, she's only 3, but she would still get a brand new car.. right then and there boom.. A BMW," said Tyquan Mike.

"That little red mustang looks real good right about now," said Queena Smith.

The drawing occurred at 10pm, Tuesday night. The winning numbers are: 8-14-17-20-39, and the Mega Ball 7.