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Arnold High School's Marching Band Gets New Uniforms

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Arnold High School's Marching Band members will have new uniforms next Football season.

Bay District School Leaders are hoping to provide each high school band with new uniforms over the next few years.

According school board members, Arnold's new uniforms cost about $365 each, for a grand total of more $53,000.

Many students have worn the navy blue uniforms for more than ten years. Band Director Jason Bennett said he chose white for the new ones because they stand out on a green field and have an updated look.

"With our old ones being 13 years old, these uniforms here, stand out big time. The kids feel so much pride when they put these uniforms on, and they're excited to be in the uniforms."

Mosley High School's band is next on the list to get new uniforms. The current ones were purchased in early 2003 and are now almost eleven years old.

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