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Dairy Prices and the Farm Bill

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The Nation is currently running without a Farm Bill. In 2008 the Farm Bill was passed and then an extension was issued in 2012. Now that the extension has expired, the lack of a bill is having negative consequences.

Farmers in Jackson County have been very optimistic a bill would be passed before the New Year, but that doesn't look likely and the frustrations they are facing on the farm could spread over to your grocery bills. One major concern is the price of milk. Without a Farm Bill laws will revert to legislation passed in the 1930's and 1940's.

The outdated law reverts to parity which means milk prices could easily soar to $8 or more a gallon. Another impact of a nation without a Farm Bill. The USDA is left working off extensions for their programs that provide safety nets for farmers who yield a poor crop.

Also, the USDA currently can't accept new applicants for conservation programs. According to Cindale Dairy Farm Owner, Dale Eade, the possible price jumps and extensions are more a threat to Congress than consumers, "That price spike has been used as a tool by some legislatures to push their own agenda. Use a little scare if possible, even with their own constituents. I think there are a lot of legislatures that don't have a clue about dairy pricing and how it works let alone what the Farm Bill does."