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Tips for Capturing Christmas Memories

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Whether your want to or not, it's almost a requirement to snap pictures around the holidays.

"The cool thing about all this digital and the phones now, you can take multiple photos," said Lana Williams, who makes money off her passion for photography in Panama City.

She owns her own studio, Lana Williams LLC, and suggests the more pictures you take, the merrier. "Take several, and you have many to choose from," said Williams.

As you keep snapping, Williams say move around, try different angles, and remember lighting is key.

"Window light is great," said Williams, "And also consider not using flash photography."

Disabling the feature can keep your pictures sharp and your eyes from seeing stars.

"You want to be able to see the Christmas lights on the tree and flash will make that go away," said Williams. "They won't twinkle if you have the flash on."

You don't have to have a professional camera to take good pictures this holiday season either. Your cell phone can take great pictures too.

Williams says just make sure you turn the flash off on your phone too.

With any device, she suggests reading the manual.

"Just take a little time to read your manual before Christmas, just a little bit of time, and make sure your cards are clean and your batteries are charged," said Williams.

When it comes to taking a group photo, try the "triangle" formula which means posing people from tallest to smallest.

Of course, don't forget to smile.