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Santa Claus Was Good For Local Businesses

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While national Christmas retail sales were down this year local sales are reporting a different outcome. At least that's the case for two businesses in Jackson County. McCoy's Outdoor and Vintage White House in Marianna are able to take a step back and look at this year's holiday sales. Both businesses are elated to report sales were great and return business is a gift that keeps on giving.

Vintage White House Antiques recently expanded and the new location not only doubled their Christmas goal but tripled it. The warehouse is filled with antiques and one of a kind items only found in their store.

As for McCoy's Outdoor, they surpassed all retail goals and beat out last years Christmas sales by a landslide. The hot items this year range from children's archery to female bows with zebra and pink camouflage prints.

According to McCoy's Manager, Jeff Kimbrel, Thursday the store was flooded with repeat customers, "We are seeing a tremendous amount of return business today! That's what I have been staying busy with. We are mounting a lot of scopes on rifles today doing a lot of fore sighting, sizing them for children, it has been wild today. It's been a great day, great morning."

Both White House Antiques and McCoy's reported that Thursday, a day known for returns and exchanges, the stores had little to none.