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How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

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They are fun to decorate and display, but what do you do with a Christmas tree after the holiday is over?

Think twice before hauling it to the dump, because there are some environmentally friendly ways to dispose of it.

The county will take it off your hands for free and put it to good use. They will be accepting trees at four locations starting Monday, December 30th through January 10th.

The drop-off locations are:

Residential Trees:

Pete Edwards Field, 7300 McElvey Road, Panama City Beach

H.G. Harders Park, 7900 John Pitts Road, Bayou George


Commercial and Residential Trees:

Steelfield Road Landfill, 11411 Landfill Road, Panama City Beach

Bay County Waste-to-Energy Facility, 6510 Bayline Drive, Bayou George


"They'll actually be used for energy at our Waste-to-Energy facility.. So you'll be getting rid of it in a clean environmentally friendly way," said Valerie Sale, Bay County Public Information Officer.  "It's a great fuel to burn at the incinerator and it helps create electricity."

Before you take the tree to any of the locations, double check to make sure there aren't any ornaments or light left on the tree.

For animal lovers, there's a second option.

"We allow people to go ahead and drop off their trees here at Zoo World, and then we take advantage of that and give them to the animals to play with," said Tom Walling, Assistant Director, Zoo World.

You can drop trees off at Zoo World from now until New Years Day. Anybody who donates a tree, will be invited back on January 1st to re-decorate the trees, this time with treats and toys for the animals.

The park is closed that day, but all participants get to stay and watch how the animals interact with the trees.

"It excites them, it's something new and different," said Walling. "We give our animals something for enrichment on a daily basis.. So, you can see we run out ideas really quick. So we are really glad to get these trees at Christmas time."

Zoo World has a limited space; they can only take up to about thirty trees. If you want more information, call them at 850-230-1243.