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ONE onONE with Brian Goddin

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Ever notice on clear days, you can see smoke? Most times, it's a fire started intentionally by the Florida Forest Service, to keep wildfires away.
 They are called prescribed burns. Public Information Officer for the Florida Forest Service, Brian Goddin, says prescirbed burns take the place of what used to happen naturally.

"Pre-colonial times, Goddin says, when there were no roads, no homes, no people to speak of, it is estimated that every 3-5 years and it would burn off this vegetation, underbrush, but now it can actually be left to grow up and cause catastrophic wild fires or be the fuel for catastrophic wildfires".

Animals can easily die during a wild fire. But with a prescribed burn, the flames are so low, animals can walk away unharmed.

Goddin says the Florida Forest Service handles all woods fires in the state, and the Panama City office handles seven counties here in the Panhandle.