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Protecting Pipes and Pools from Freezing Temperatures

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Here in the Panhandle, especially near the coast, we're not used to extreme cold weather. As the temperature drop Thursday evening, there are a few things that need protecting.

Experts said a little time and even a few bucks will go a long way in protecting your pipes and pools. You don't necessarily need anything fancy or expensive to protect your things, but a little preparation costs a lot less than repairing any damage.

Swimming pools provide a lot of fun and even relief from the heat in the Summer. However, in the Winter, when the temperature drops, the water in the plumbing lines, pump, and motor can freeze.

The experts at Pinch A Penny said there are a few things simple things you can do to prevent a freeze.

"You can put a light outside, which will raise the outside air temperature around the equipment above freezing, or you can just run the system all night because the running water won't freeze," said Jimmy Legg, the Service Manager.

Exposed water pipes are another potential problem if they're not insulated. Eric Ludwig, the Plumbing Manager with Peaden said foam pipe protectors or blankets can help cover pipes.

"Make sure everything is covered, and if you're unable to cover it, run the water just to a steady stream, a little bit more than a drip, and that will prevent the pipes from freezing up," said Ludwig.

He also said to disconnect water hoses from the spout. That will prevent them from bursting if the water does freeze.

There are some other "P's" to consider. Cover your plants in a breathable fabric, not plastic, or bring them indoors. Also, don't forget to bring your pets inside or provide a shelter to keep them warm.

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