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Busted Pipes Wreak Havoc in Panhandle Homes

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It's free advice; cover your pipes in the event of freezing temperatures. Wednesday one plumber in Marianna made over 10 calls to people in need of pipe, main, and well repairs that didn't realize how serious the freeze would be, and now it's costing them.

Wednesday afternoon Plumber James Harrison worked diligently to repair busted pipes all over Jackson County. However, he says the negative impact of the freeze won't be here until temperatures rise and at that point, the damage is done.

If your pipes are currently frozen it may be an inconvenience, but once temperatures rise Thursday that water will thaw and home owners across the panhandle may have a messy and expensive situation on their hands.

Busted pipes will begin leaking immediately. Older homes with exposed pipes and wells are more likely to bust. Harrison says if your pipes burst; cut off your water, water heater and then call a plumber immediately.

Harrison says it's important to follow these steps to prevent further damage, "If you've got an old house and you go off and leave it because you ain't got no water. Best thing is to cut the power off to the well, because if it thaws off while you're gone it's going to flood your house if it's inside and create more damage."