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Quit Smoking in 2014

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We are just eleven days into the New Year and for those who haven't already given up, New Year's resolutions are still attainable.

One of the most common resolutions and some would say the most difficult to accomplish... Is quitting smoking.

January 11th 2014 marks 50 years since the Surgeon General first released a report showing the dangers of smoking.

Five decades and extensive research later, millions of Floridians are still addicted.

The Florida Department of Health is trying to help by providing three ways to quit. They have launched a campaign called Tobacco Free Florida.

  1. Call: The Florida Quit line at 1-877-U-CAN-NOW
  2. Click: Enroll in the Web Coach program at www.quitnow.net/florida
  3. Come In: Visit a Class for face-to-face help. www.Ahectoabcco.com for more information.

"I sleep better.. I smell better my wife says because she has never smoked.. and I just feel better all together," said Keith Watts, Manager of Vapor Time store and smoker of 40 years.

You've heard of patches and gum, but something gaining a lot of popularity is electronic cigarettes.

They offer smokers a way to continue smoking, while gradually decreasing the amount of nicotine they take in. The "e-cogs" do not have some of the harmful things in real cigarettes, like tar.

Starter kits have been flying off the shelves, likely due to new year's resolutions.

"Right afterwards we did see a boost and even before Christmas people were coming in and buying for family members as a gift.. So we've had people come in and actually get on the product," said Watts.

Some people have seen success with the vapor cigarettes, like Brooklyn Powell who gradually decreased her nicotine intake to zero and now only smokes the flavored vapor.

 "I smell like fruit or coffee or cinnamon Instead of the nasty smoke. I have recruited some family members to quit smoking now..they're vaping," said Powell.

Each quitting method might work differently for each individual, so persistence is key.