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Outstanding In The Field Comes To The Coast

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You can try others, but there's a world-class delicacy that is found only here on Florida's Gulf Coast.

Whether you prefer Apalachicola oysters on the half shell, fried, steamed, or in a soup... It's easy to forget that they are more than just a tasty treat.

13 Mile Seafood, in Franklin County, harvests many of the oysters you eat when you go to area restaurants, but Sunday, with the help of a top notch chef, the oyster farm became the restaurant.

"This is our 7th dinner, we knew between how wonderful all the dinners are plus the fantastic seafood that comes from Apalachicola.. this is a place we are not going to miss."

An organization called Outstanding in the Field travels all over the country to serve up world-class meals, with a lesson behind them.

"You go to a super market or get food and you don't take a minute to think about where that food is coming from. We trying to bring people back to the roots of where that food is coming from.. And introduce them to the purveyors and farmers who are making it happen," said Anna Gelb, Event Coordinator.

They focus on reconnecting participates to the land they eat on by serving up all natural ingredients in an outdoor environment. A farmer and a chef work together to come up with the menu.

The abundance of oysters made Apalachicola a great stop on their journey.

"I thought it fit really well with Apalachicola seeing that we harvest so much of our own food," said Anita Grove, Executive Director of the Apalachicola Bay Chamber of Commerce.

On the menu, they had lots of oysters straight from the bay and other all natural ingredients.

"Wild horses had to pull me away from eating raw oysters, then having oysters in oyster stew.. Then grouper, crab... Really, who wouldn't want to come and enjoy this," said Anderson.

It's a unique opportunity, but it also does a little something for the local economy.

"So, many people make their living off the water here and it's so great to share that with the world," said Sara Ward, whose family owns 13 Mile Seafood and harvests oysters for a living.

"They see what not only my family, but other families do to have a living and so that other people can enjoy what Apalachicola has to offer."

Next, Outstanding in the Field is headed to a vegetable and herb farm in Homestead, FL. There, another chef, will cook up an entirely different meal.