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Beach Police Complete Vehicle Training Drills

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When there is an accident on the road, police officers are one of the first to respond.

Once they finish up one thing, they never know what they will be called to next and they need to be prepared for anything.

Panama City Beach Police are going back to the basics.

"A lot of what we do these guys to pretty much every day, but they don't think about it," said Lieutenant. William Bruhmuller, course instructor.  "We bring them out here to think about it."

Each officer completes a safety course of challenges to sharpen their skills that they might need on duty.. both emergent and non-emergent.

The course is a safe place to practice dangerous maneuvers, so officers will know what to expect in the event they need to do it in a real situation.

"We use lights and sirens to make their blood pressure rise a little bit, to make it tougher," said Bruhmuller. "(We) make them talk on the radio, make them think.. that's the whole idea. We have a split second to think and that what we want them to do."

The course includes things like police chase training, backing, using the spike strips and even the basics like parking.

 "They change the course each year to keep us on our toes," said Shaun Maguadog, officer. "You might have had it down one year but the next year it changes, because everything out the field changes. When you are in a police chase you don't know exactly what route the person is going to go.. so, you have to be ready to alter your route at any moments notice."

Officers use this opportunity to become familiar with the car they use everyday.

"It's hugely important; I would say 90% of our job as patrol officer is completed in a vehicle," said Jacob Moore, Officer. "This just drives home the basics and helps us refresh."

"They all handle differently, I may be a great driver in a Crown Vic, but you put me in a Dodge Chargers and things are slightly different," said Maguadog. "So, I've got to continue to hone my own abilities."

The department will continue training throughout the week, until every officer has been re-trained and re-certified. They go through this same process every year.