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Golf Carts Allowed in the Cove, Panama City

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Age limits, liability insurance, safety restraint requirements, and headlights. It was another lengthy discussion over golf carts at the Panama City commission meeting as commissioners and the public debated over several issues to get the ordinance passed allowing golf carts to roam the streets in the Cove community.  

Residents there say they use their golf carts for riding around the community. Some have children attending Holy Nativity and drive them to and from the school each day. Tuesday, the commission agreed to let the carts on city streets south, but not including, 4th street to St. Andrews Bay and Massalina Bayou to Watson Bayou.

Drivers are required to have a valid drivers license, but are not required to have liability insurance. Carts must have lights, but are not required to wear safety belts. Mayor Brudnicki says although the rules may seem lenient, it will be up to each individual to use their discretion.

"People have to be responsible," said Brudnicki. "It's just like getting on a bicycle or anything else; if you get out there and you're reckless you have a chance of getting hurt."

"We are expecting them to do the right thing, but this could always change if this thing turns into a real nightmare for law enforcement."

Signs are not up in the community as of yet and there's no word on when the city will put them in place. However, golf carts are restricted to 25 miles an hour on streets in the cove community.

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