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Breakfast Point Academy Closes School Choice for Upcoming Sixth Graders

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Bay District School leaders are tightening down on school zones and capacity limits at Breakfast Point Academy. They're making some changes aimed at alleviating overcrowding at the kindergarten through eighth grade school in Panama City Beach.

The elementary portion is about 20% over capacity. The middle school side is nearly at capacity.

"We just brought in ten modulars this past summer, and we're still over capacity. We just don't have room for all the students that want to attend there," said Superintendent Bill Husfelt.

Husfelt said upcoming sixth graders who do not live in the school's zone will not be able to attend the academy next year, even if they're currently enrolled at the school.

Out-of-zone students currently enrolled in other grade levels can return next year.

Husfelt said there will likely be no exceptions.

"If you live in the zone, you get to continue to go there. If you don't live in the zone, if you're in fifth grade this year, you're going to have some concerns," said Husfelt.

Earlier this school year, a task force was created to look at the overcrowding problems and possible solutions.

"This was the easiest thing they think we could do, to just clamp down on what the actual zone is," said Husfelt.

"The proposal that the Superintendent put forward seemed like the least intrusive in regards to affecting the smallest amount of folks," said Board Member Steve Moss.

Moss said he expects the change to affect about 50 students next school year.

"In the future if this does not necessarily make the gains that we want it to, we might have to do something a little bit more intrusive that will affect more of those folks such as rezoning, but right now, we're not to that point. Hopefully this does the job," said Moss.

Open Enrollment will open on February Third for the other schools in Bay County. It gives parents the option to choose the school they'd like their child to attend.

Breakfast Point Academy is also getting a new leader in the coming weeks. Outgoing Principal Denise Kelley will be working in the district's main office as Director of Elementary Instructional Services. The School Board approved the move at their meeting Tuesday afternoon.

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