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Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre Starring Jackson County

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Florida Caverns State Park is currently a film site for a sci-fi horror film. Crews arrived about a week ago for pre-production and now the film is moving right along. The film title… Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre! The budget is just under one million dollars and according to the films producer Rafael Wagner, shooting should wrap in just thirteen days.

The plot of the film is as unique as the title. A group of female prisoners break away from the jail house, and somehow encounter prehistoric sharks that can swim in both water and soil! Director Jim Wynorski has made over 150 films. The Syfy Network broadcasts on average two films a year from the director, and the crew is hoping this film will be picked up by Syfy as well.

The cast will be in Jackson County for three weeks but according to film Producer, Rafael Wagner, the crew is already planning to come back, "I know we are going to be here again. In fact the director loved it. Usually when you write a script you write woods, caves and you have to go look for them. Sometimes you can't find it and you have to take it out. Here he added stuff. He keeps saying this is like a backlot, it's incredible. We are shooting 90% of the film here."

 Not only is the film using the caverns but they are also shooting scenes at Merritt's Mill Pond, Madison's Restaurant and possibly Blue Springs.