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Illegal Dumping Forces Closure of Pete Edwards Recycle Drop of Site

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Off the beaten path the Pete Edwards Field drop off site for recycled goods is a perfect scenario for those looking for an easy and illegal way to dump garbage.

The site is one of several Bay County has been forced to close.

"People use it as an illegal dump site and it's been going on for quite some time," said Solid Waste Superintendent Glenn Ogburn, who says the site has become unmanageable.

The location isn't well lit and those that can take advantage of the un-manned drop off site do.

"We spend more time cleaning up the site than we actually do processing the recyclables," said Ogburn.

Not only does it make things frustrating for those that pick up from this site, but for those that drop off their recycling here. Sue King visits the site once a week to recycle her cans, plastics, cardboard and newspaper.

"There's a lot of illegal dumping here," said King. "It's a shame."  

King will now have to choose one of the eight remaining drop off sites for her recyclables.

"Well, there is another one over by the license plate place where you get your tags," said. "But, that's a long way for me to go."

"There's really no excuse to illegally dump," said Ogburn, who encourages people to use the Steelfield Landfill for access to dump sites.

Long drive or not, King says she will continue to recycle despite being inconvenienced by those who refuse to follow the rules.

"You know somebody's got to do something," said King. "We all need to."

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