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Injured Teen's Family Files Lawsuit for Parasailing Accident

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It made national headlines when two Indiana teens were critically injured in a parasailing accident in Panama City Beach, last July.

The trip ended in disaster when the tow-rope broke sending Alexis Fairchild, 17, and Sidney Good, 17, crashing into a condo building and onto parked cars, both girls were severely injured.

Six months later, Fairchild's family is seeking compensation for the suffering they've gone through.

Attorney's from Fort Lauderdale, Jason and Debi Chalik, are representing Fairchild and her parents in a lawsuit against Aquatic Adventures, its owner Jeff Jones, and the Treasure Island Resort.

Debi Chalik alleges the accident happened due to the company's negligence and the use of improper equipment. She says the weather conditions on that day were dangerous and the boat's caption should have known to call the trip off.

They are also suing the Treasure Island Resort for allegedly failing to ensure Aquatic Adventures was fully equipped to take its customers parasailing.

They are suing each party for damages in excess of $15,000 dollars, although lawyers say no amount of compensation would make up for the suffering this accident has caused.

"What we get it compensated for its never going to be enough to put the little girl's life back to where it was or where it was going to be," said Jason Chalik.

"She can't even go to her day job that she's had since she's 15 years old at Dairy Queen, where she loved to work, she can't do that she can't stand," said Debi Chalik.  "There will be serious restrictions on what kind of employment she may have in the future."

The Chalik's have recently met with Fairchild. They say her spirit is remarkably high and she's using this accident to inspire change.

"State Senator Sachs has introduced a senate bill, that would require parasailing companies to carry a certain amount on insurance coverage and hopefully through that the insurance companies would require the companies to live up to certain standards," said Jason Chalik. "We are not looking to hurt an industry; we are actually looking to help bring confidence to the industry."

Fairchild is planning to testify before the Florida Legislature, in support of the bill, next month.

WMBB attempted to contact Aquatic Adventures and the Treasure Island Resort, although there was no response.