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Modern Medicine: Changing Cost of Healthcare

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It's a new way to look at healthcare.  Dr. Terry Ullmann of Healthpoint Medical Group has developed a program where patients pay one monthly fee for care.  It's a way to offset high deductibles.  The new program is called My Village Doctor.

Chief Marketing Officer Lora Newell says, "It's something he's created to offer other options to people who may have insurance but their deductibles are skyrocketing...6 or 12,000 dollars."

Dr. Ullmann says it's a program with no hidden fees.  Procedures that are done in the office are included. 

"This is more of a direct primary care relationship.  You pay us a monthly fee...If you need a shot or an X-ray, it's all included, you won't pay anything extra," explains Dr. Ullmann.

He says many times patients with high deductibles delay care because they have to pay out of pocket, and then the illness progresses.

"We're not discouraging patients from going to the emergency room for an emergency, but we don't want you to go to an emergency room because what could have been a simple medical problem got out of hand because you were afraid of going to the doctor and spend the money," Dr. Ullmann says. 

Convenience is another part of the My Village Doctor program.

Newell says, "We're using telemedicine, FaceTime, Skype, email, text messaging."

Dr. Ullmann is still operating his main practice.  This is just another option for patients with high deductible insurance plans or no insurance.

The monthly cost for My Village Doctor is $149 for the first adult, $99 for a second adult, and $75 for a child.  It does require a one year agreement, and the program begins February 1st.