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One on One with Ron Hart

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When it comes to politics, most issues are serious, but humor is often used to get a point across. OP-ED Humorist Ron Hart writes weekly political columns with humor in 65 newspapers nationwide.   The self proclaimed Southern Libertarian predicts that the Republicans won't be able to take control of the Senate in 2014., but he is keeping a close eye on the election.
Hart predicts that the District 2 Congressional race here in the Panhandle will be tight. " Most are so gerry mandered that is they are 95% secure, Hart says of the seat now held by Republican Steve Southerland, "this is one of the five percent that can go either way."

Hart also follows the Governors race here in Florida.  " I like what Scotts done, I like a business person who has made money, he has made some very unpopular decisions which might cost him in the polls. The Tennessee native who now has a home in South Walton County, says he thinks Scott will still win the election. "I think you got a lot of business growth here, people moving here, low taxes, business growth" Hart said.