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Mosley's Anthony and Alex Gentili- Scholar Athletes of the Week

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The Mosley Dolphins soccer team finished the regular season 10-1-1, and captured the Class 5A District two title on Friday night. The Dolphins, with a ton of talent, and two of those stand-outs are twins Anthony and Alex Gentili, and although they share the same DNA, they're paths on the pitch are very different.

"You just kind of get the sense that they are setting the culture for the team in a lot of ways, and are a positive influence for the culture of the team, for setting the pace of how hard they work, and all that kind of stuff," said first year head coach Ryan Rogers.

While Anthony has been setting that culture on the Varsity squad since his sophomore year, Alex is playing in his first as a Dolphin, and it all started with a rec league to honor a fallen friend.

"They needed a goalkeeper, and I ended up loving it, so I thought I'd give it a try out here," said Alex. "It ended up being a great opportunity, and I've enjoyed it ever since."

"It was kind of funny getting to know him, I was like, this guys coming and playing for the first time and trying out, we'll see what he can do," remembered Coach Rogers. "We'll see if he can make one of the teams- JV or Varsity. He's just been more then we could have expected."

It was more then anyone could have expected- as Alex has eight shut-outs on the season, and a big reason why? His centerback, and older brother, Anthony.

"As playing more then he has, I can coach him through stuff," he said. "I'll tell him where open people are, I can help him with that, tell him how to kick after a save."

"I really can't hear a whole lot of what goes on between them," laughed Coach Rogers. "I'm sure there's a brother connection I don't know about that helps us get those shut-outs."

That brother connection carries over to the classroom, as Anthony and Alex boast 3.5 and 4.3 GPAs respectively.

"If I don't know something, I'll go to Alex. If Alex doesn't know something, he comes to me," said Anthony.

"I'll have questions for him in science, and I'll help him with math," said Alex. "It's a great aspect where we can help each other an be able to work together."

Being able to work together is something they've done pretty well for the Dolphins all year. Anthony and Alex said they want to continue playing soccer at the next level, and continuing their careers together would be even better. Alex said he wants to become a Pastor, while Anthony wants to study Physical Therapy.