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Modern Medicine: Synthetic Skin Technology

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Panama City, Fla. -

Dermatologist Dr. Jon Ward at Gulf Coast Dermatology is utilizing SimSkin, a synthetic skin product.  It's a way to train on procedures without using real patients.

Dr. Wards says, "SimSkin is a product developed by a dermatologist who felt during his residency training that he didn't get enough hands on experience doing procedures on the skin."

SimSkin looks and feels just like real skin.

"You can cut it, and it reacts for the most part like normal skin and when you suture it, it acts like normal skin," he explains.

Dr. Ward says he's been using it to teach physician assistants, nurse practitioners and primary care physicians how to do simple procedures in their office, such as biopsies and sutures.

"As healthcare changes and more and more physician extenders are being utilized in healthcare, the ability to train them appropriately and not training on patients in the office for the first time is going to become more and more important," says Dr. Ward.

SimSkin was first developed a year and a half ago.  Dr. Ward has been using it for about 4 months.  He says it's crucial to properly train on doing biopsies because the more skilled the provider performing the procedure, the better the cosmetic outcome.