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BBB Warns of One Ring Phone Scam

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There are new reports of a phone scam turning up in parts of the nation.   It appears to be a very simple operation.  Details on how the scam works in this News 13 Problem Solver report.

The 'One Ring Phone Scam', as it is called, targets mobile phone numbers.  According to the Better Business Bureau, returned calls to various out of country numbers can result in unauthorized charges on your wireless bill.

You may have received calls from these out of country area codes, 809, 876, 284 and 473.  All have been linked to the scam.  This wireless activity is not new.  The BBB says automated dialers send out thousands of calls at random to mobile numbers that are public listings and other sources.   As the process goes, call recipients notice the missed calls and may return them.  That is where the loss of dollars happens to the victim. 

The Better Business Bureau says expensive international hotlines can charge up to $19.95 to connect, plus, additional costs per minute.  It is unlikely that recipients will be billed for accepting-incoming-calls, but, wireless carriers assume that users accept charges by voluntarily returning calls.

BBB recommends the following:

•Never return calls to unfamiliar foreign numbers.

•Regularly check wireless statements and immediately report discrepancies.

•Add phone numbers to the national do not call registry and report violations.

This note, the Better Business Bureau says not every phone number in the 809 area code is part of this scam.  And calling such a number will not necessarily result in huge charges on your phone bill.   But, the possibility is there and the charges against you could be recurring.