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Bozeman's Brandon Suttles- Scholar Athlete of the Week

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Many High School athletes play multiple sports, but few excel at every sport they play. For Bozeman's Brandon Suttles, it doesn't matter what field of play he steps on, he's a stand-out all year long for three Bucks programs- football, basketball, and baseball.

"I try to focus on staying active in school and in sports," he said. "It's a great way to keep me out of trouble."

It's also a great way to keep three Bozeman athletic teams successful, and right now, it's all about baseball.

"I'm sure he could probably pick up a tennis racket and be a two seed on a tennis team," joked Bozeman head baseball coach Jeff Patton. "In January when we're practicing, he's still playing basketball. The day he gets out here, you can just tell the energy picks up."

"Out here at practice, I make it fun and I make them laugh, but when it comes game time and practice time, we get serious, and do business," he said.

Brandon has some unfinished business on the diamond, as the Bucks have fallen two wins short of a Class 1A State Championship the past two years after falling in back to back Final Fours.

"We expect to do things big again this year," he said. "That's my expectations and hopefully for my team too. We expect to go down there and not just make it down there, but come back with a ring."

Brandon's not just looking to do big things on the diamond, as he carries a 3.0 GPA in the classroom, and has dreams of making it to the next level, but the big question- for which sport?

"Baseball I feel like I'm better at, but basketball I love it, it's fun," he said.

"How he fits it all in I'm not sure, but we do a good job of coaches among the three sports making sure we're sharing him and that he does have time to do the other stuff as well," said coach Patton. "He's just a natural. It's hard to explain. A lot of the stuff he does you can't really teach, his instincts are just so good."

They are instincts that have kept Brandon at the top of his game- no matter what the season.

While Brandon doesn't know where he's going, or rather, what type uniform he'll be wearing, at the next level, he does know he wants to go to Law School, and after become a Wildlife Officer.