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Freeport's Gabe Moore- Scholar Athlete of the Week

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For Freeport Senior Gabe Moore, track and field is life. But it's not just one or two events, it's ten, as Gabe is a Decathlete. Last summer, he represented the United States at the IAFF Youth World Championships in Ukraine, placing sixth. But with all his accomplishments, there's one thing Gabe hasn't done yet in High School, and that's win a State Championship.

Gabe has worn many jersey's in his time as a Freeport Bulldog. From basketball, to quarterbacking the football team, but now, it's all about track and field.

"That's what most people don't see," said head coach Mike Myrick. "Just the amount of time he has put into it, and has to, to be at the level that he is. You can't just show up and do the things he does. He works at it exceptionally hard."

That hard work has paid off, as Gabe has made it to the State Finals every year of his high school career, but eluding him every season? A State Championship- and this year, Gabe's hungry for Gold, even if he's not sure what event it'll be in.

"Sometimes I want to do shot put or discus, so I'll throw that day, and then I'll go do the 400," laughed Gabe. "People will see me in a bunch of random events, and they're like, he just threw shot, why is he running the 100?! That's what I do. I just pick different events each day."

"I'd like for him to pick the events and excel at them and go win him a State Championship, so he can say he's done that too," said coach Myrick. "He's about accomplished everything else."

Excelling in those different events has helped Gabe fulfill one of his dreams- as next year he'll compete in the decathlon for the Arkansas Razorbacks. He won't just take his athletic talents to Fayetteville, as the Hogs are getting a student athlete with a 4.4 GPA.

"He's going to excel. He's going to excel in his grades because he works hard at that," said coach Myrick. "I expect him to do well in the track because he's going to work hard at that also. I don't see him not doing well in whatever he wants to do."

"Hopefully I do leave that mark, and can be a State Champ and place in some events, and leave my mark on the town," said Gabe. "I'll never forget where I came from. I'll leave a mark on a small town, but I have a big dream, so it's good."

It's a dream that's slowly becoming reality. Gabe can only compete in four events at State, and while he isn't sure what those will be, he says his favorites are the high jump and the long jump. He'll study Biomedical Engineering at Arkansas.