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Four-Way Stop Intersection Brings Safety Concerns

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A Bay County driver reaches out to News 13 for help regarding a four-way stop intersection.  He was involved in an accident there and says it can be dangerous.  A closer look at what happened in this Problem Solver report.

It was the week before Thanksgiving 2012.   John Culbert was approaching this intersection of Airport Road and Lisenby Avenue.  Culbert says, "I was heading east up to the stop sign..let the two cars go before me...went to go and a car heading north bound..we kind of had an accident."

Luckily, there were no injuries but damage to Culbert's car and the other vehicle an SUV.  Culbert says us he lives not too far from the four-way stop and says the traffic flow seems to have increase over the years.  Culbert says, "back in forty years, when I moved here it was okay then, but, a lot more traffic is through here now." Have you seen people just not paying attention as they come to the intersection..maybe on a cell phone?  He says, "Exactly, cell phones, texting..see a lot of that."  So, has the traffic activity at this busy intersection increased to the point to where the light should be expanded to a fully operating signal?

Here is what the Florida Department of Transportation tells us.  The traffic count has actually dropped over the years...even though it may seem high at times.  There have been two accidents at the intersection in the past four years.  One for a vehicle failing to stop...the other involving a pedestrian struck by a vehicle mirror while walking on the shoulder.  Average daily traffic volumes have decreased in the past ten years...from a high of about 5300 to present counts of 3600.

FDOT says after evaluating the intersection, it does not at this time warrant a signal.  They say the most efficient system is presently in place.

Many thanks to John Culbert for bringing up the concerns about the intersection.  The Florida DOT says it will continue to monitor the location in the future for potential improvements as required.  And.. always keep safety in mind when approaching those four-way stops...looking out for the other drivers.