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9th Annual Apalachicola Art Walk and Wine Festival

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In a city known for its oysters,people spent the afternoon celebrating some of its other attributes.

Apalachicola highlighted the arts at the 9thannual Art Walk and Wine festival.

"It's not just about seafood, thereis more to this town than meets the eye," said Richard Elliott, Chef at UpThe Stairs Restaurant.

The historic streets of Downtown Apalachicolawere made into a canvas, Saturday, to display the arts, visually, musically andthrough your taste buds.

"Oh it has been incredible,people have been really great," said Jean Marie McDonald, Painter. "It's likethey have never seen anyone out on the street painting, I was a street artistfor 2 years so it's really fun to talk to people to get out and it has been agreat a day for us."

More than 60 artists had all thebases covered, from crafts, to jewelry, to paintings.

For those who enjoy a nice glass ofwine, the doors were open for a taste test.

"The wine is wonderful we havesome really good restaurants," said Vanessa Edenfield.

"Most restaurants and businessserved a nice red and a nice white," said Judy Stokowski, Up The Stairs Restaurant.

It wouldn't be Apalachicola,if it weren't for the fresh seafood. Seven restaurants prepared a littlesomething special.

"Everybody has a special, preparedwith fresh local ingredients whether it is tupelo honey, grouper, Crab, Shrimpor, oysters," said Grove.

"Apalachicola Bayis what makes all these restaurants so wonderful, everybody talks farm to thetable, here we talk bay to the table," said Elliott.

The visitors had a good time and therestaurant owners were grateful for the customers it brought in.

"Several hundred at one pointthis whole veranda was just packed full, which is neat," said Stokowski.

Live music was also available for guests to enjoy. Each year the event attractsthousands of people to Apalachicola.