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ONE on ONE with Carlton Ulmer

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Healthcare across the country is changing, due in part to the Affordable Healthcare Act.  Ceo Carlton Ulmer has been at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center for 15  months.

 Ulmer says they haven't seen very many changes yet. "I know where there is only one exchange product or payer that is in our market right now, it is a minimal number of members right now, Ulmer says, so we are really not seeing a lot with the exchanges yet".

There are some partnerships underway. "We've partnered with the Sea Winds Clinic in two locations in the Beach and the city,  so we really see the you could see some changing of the tide you will possibly see more physicians employment ,  which has been the case in a lot of our markets across the country," Ulmer says.

Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center has opened it's brand new tower, boasting a Level II Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit for Pre-mature babies. They hope to offer a Level III NICU in May.