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Compliance Services Scam Targets Businesses

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A scam News 13 told you about in the past surfaces once again.  What appears to be a bogus company looks to take advantage of business owners in the area.  Details in this week's Problem Solver. 

The Better Business Bureau reports that information from Compliance Services is showing up in mailboxes of businesses across Northwest Florida.  It is the same situation that we have told you about in the past.  Panama City Beach businessman Mike Wallace first brought it to our attention a few years ago when he received questionable forms.

So here is how the scam works.   The company listed on the form, Compliance Services is asking for information that certain corporations, LLCs or partnerships are required to submit annually.  They are also asking for a $125 fee to do the work.  The BBB says there is no requirement that you submit the information they've requested to the state of Florida. 

Also, Compliance Services is not associated with the state of Florida or the state Division of Corporations.  Keep in mind, these notices should not be confused with messages sent by the state reminding each business to file its annual report by May 1, this year.

If you think that you have been a victim of the scam you can take action.  Call the Florida Attorney General's Fraud

In addition to Florida, this scam is showing up in other states all across the nation.  If you see any forms from Compliance Services wanting your company information…just throw the forms away.  And, keep this in mind, the criminals may be going under a different avoid detection.