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ONE on ONE with Chief Drew Whitman

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Spring Break is almost over on Panama City Beach, but it's reputation lives on.  FOX News Channel did a series of reports on the activities and behavior of spring breakers who visit Bay County. The students they interviewed were drunk, lewd and sexually explicit. But are those students truly representative of every college student who vacations here?

Panama City Beach Police Chief Drew Whitman says the news only showed the ill behaved students. "I think they didn't show the full side of spring break, says Whitman, I think they picked what they wanted for that segment. "There are  a lot of good kids out on the beach, they just happen to go between two of the largest super clubs in the world an they picked the kids and gave them their 15 seconds of fame".

Whitman says the lewd behavior  is an environment of the way these kids were  brought up, not a reflection of Panama City Beach or Spring Break. "These kids, they really don't care anymore", the Chief says.

Chief Whitman says this isn't the best spring break, but it's not the worst either. He hopes to offer suggestions to Beach Tourism leaders to make next year better and safer.