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Possible Hoodie Ban in Jackson County Middle and High Schools

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Jackson County Schools are working to trim all distractions in the classroom by tailoring the dress code. The school board will vote Tuesday to eliminate one clothing item that's popular in all middle and high school hallways, the hoodie. Principals from each school met with the school board to assess dress code issues.

This is the first year Jackson County Schools have fully implemented uniforms but there is one consistent issue, the pullover. Principals say the main problem is that it's a classroom distraction.  Students in grades 6 through 12 commonly wear the lightweight jacket, but the large front pocket is often used to hold their cell phone for easy access. In addition to increasing phone accessibility the garment hides ear buds in use, another school violation.

The board discussed the issue for 28 days and Tuesday members will vote to ban or keep the popular item for the 2015-2016 school year. According to Director of Middle & Secondary Education, Jennifer See, this ban would help students excel in the classroom and teachers focus on other important matters, "As we make our transition to one-to-one digital with our students, we are looking to implement that next year. We are trying to take away as many distractions as possible so our students are faced not with distraction but with very good curriculum."

If the ban is passed, students will be able to wear button and zip jackets.