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Deadline to File Tax Return is Tuesday

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It's that time again. April 15th, Tuesday, is the deadline to file your federal income tax return. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) estimates about 35 Million Americans will wait until the last day to complete their taxes.

Benetta Perry took advantage of the Volunteer Income Assistance Program (VITA) through the United Way of Northwest Florida.  "There are a lot of people sitting in there," Perry added, as she was leaving Monday afternoon.

Perry said she is thankful the program offers free tax preparation for anyone who made less than $58,000 or less in 2013.

VITA Volunteers are staying busy, however, especially this close to the deadline. Monday, they were forced to turn people away in the afternoon, as their waiting area filled up quickly.

"Some people feel like they're going to owe so naturally when you think you may owe, you wait and delay a little bit to that last second to wait and have them done," Ron Sharpe, with Resource Development, said.

"There are ways to work with everything. There are ways to work with how much you owe," Maureen Gilley, a Tax Advisor with H&R Block, said. "The IRS is not going to put you in jail. They're going to work with you on it."

Gilley said if you're not able to file your taxes by Tuesday, file an extension, which gives you until October 15th to pay anything you owe plus interest.

"Doing nothing is just the worst thing you can do," she said. "If you did nothing, now you've got much higher interest rate, 10 times, and you've got the failure to file penalty."

Tax Advisors with VITA and H&R Block said they'll be ready to assist anyone who needs help on Tuesday.  "Everybody is in a hurry, trying to get these done," Sharpe added. "Just be patient. No matter where you go, everybody wants to help and get it right."

You can also file your taxes online or mail in the paper forms. However, any forms you mail must be postmarked by Tuesday, April 15th.

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