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Officer Injured in DUI Wreck Returns to Work at PCBPD

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It was just another night of spring break. Duty called for Captain Ron Crowson who was working traffic at an accident at Back Beach and Hills Boulevard -- a job he didn't normally do.

"We need EMS 10-18," said Corporal Mike Gailfoil over the radio to dispatch. "We just had another signal four. Number three is down."

Crowson and the driver in the initial accident were tossed more than 40 yards from where they were standing. Plowing into them -- a drunk driver.

"Those first couple days was kind of rough on me," said Crowson. "Because, I was scared when I was laying on that ground; I was shaking, I was cold, and I was scared."

Minutes later Beach dispatch radioed back to those on scene to ask again about Crowson's condition. It was then officers started to realize the circumstances of the events that unfolded.

"10-4, he is alert and conscious, but I need somebody to divert traffic to Powell Adams and we need an ambulance coming here," said Corporal Gailfoil to Beach dispatch. "I believe this vehicle was west bound in the east bound lane."

29-year-old Richard Johns plowed into Crowson, breaking his leg and badly injuring his left arm driving the wrong way down Back Beach road.

"I didn't hear any braking," said Crowson. "I never saw him and never heard him."

"Every time I closed my eyes I'd hear it and see it," he said. "That was the main part. I'd hear it in my mind."

Crowson returned to work Monday despite crutches and a sore leg. He says he's humbled by the love from friends and he's now just a little over a month from retirement.

"I'm retiring June 4th after 31 years," said Crowson. "I'm going to spend some time with the family and see what else I can get into."

Back to work and his co-workers and friends, but never misunderstanding the powers that were on his side that night. Powers that let him back to the job and the life he loves.

"I know I should not be here," said Crowson. "It's just by the grace of God that I am here."

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