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Jackson County School Board Votes on Hoodie Ban

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The Jackson County School Board is working to fine tune the dress code for middle and high school students.For the past 28 days, board members have debated whether to make changes or not to next school years dress code.County principals were asked by the board if there were any issues with uniforms and current dress code, the main issue principals reported were "hoodie" style sweatshirts.

The high neck line and large pockets make it difficult for staff to enforce the dress code. Also, students are using the large front pocket to hide their phone and the hood to hide ear buds. In addition to a hoodie ban, the dress code would eliminate flip flop shoes, change bus riders disciplinary action and cell phone policies. Tuesday night the board voted 3 to 2 against the dress code amendment. According to District 4 Board Member, Chris Johnson, the cases of sweatshirt issues are sparse through all county middle and high schools and banning the garment may not be necessary, "I wanted to allow the principals to have that discretion. The board has already set a policy and we have disciplinary action for that policy. I believe our policy addresses those issues. It doesn't quote say "hoodies" but it does address the issue and it has adequate discipline for that."

Johnson says the amendment was too broad on what type of sweaters would be banned and they will look over the dress code again at the next meeting.