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Candidates for Panama City Beach Council Seat Talk Spring Break

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Skip Alford is hoping to oust incumbent Josie strange for the ward three council seat in Panama City Beach. Other than 12 referendums, it's the only one on the ballot for the city.

Both Strange and Alford are campaigning on the spring break issue, and News13 asked both specifically if they thought the party on the beach should stay or go. Also, if they would support Sheriff Frank McKeithen's suggestions on how to better control the influx of college students.

In a letter written to the Panama City Beach City Manager Sheriff Frank Mckeithen outlined the steps he feels like should be taken to control spring break.

Including prohibiting alcohol on the beach, requiring everyone with alcohol to have a valid ID, requiring all bars and clubs on the beach to stop serving alcohol by two am, and aggressively enforcing capacity requirements, as well as using TDC advertising money to get the word out about the new laws.

"Obviously him being the chief law enforcement officer he cares about the safety of the citizenry and I applaud and that's wonderful," said Alford. "I do need to think though that every input that he had needs to be looked at and examined responsibly. 

"It's real easy after something negative takes place to have what I call a knee jerk reaction. Like I said while I applaud Sheriff McKeithen, I want to look at all those ideas and examine them and see what aspects that we really need to focus on and make happen."

"I think we should follow every single one of his suggestions," said Strange. "I never thought I, of all people, would say no alcohol all on the beach in March, but I believe that would be the answer.

"Bring those kids off the beach into the bars where they have to spend money in the bars and make all those bar owners happy, close the bars at 2 o'clock, and send them to their condos."

Early voting elections are already underway you can cast your vote for this and other races at the Bay County Government Center on 11th street through Friday from 8 to 5 o'clock PM.