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A Home Run For Veterans

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Brave men and woman who fought for America's freedom many years ago had the chance to play America's favorite pastime.

War veterans from World War II, Vietnam and Korea took to the baseball diamond at the miracle league field.

"When you get 20 year olds out there, its something else but when you get 84 year old people out there hitting the ball, that's baseball," said Stan Wellman, Air Force Veteran.

Its America's favorite pastime, with some of America's greatest.

"These veterans they all fought in these wars for us and gave us all of our freedoms," said Virginia O'Hare, Activities Director at Sims Veterans Home.

Representing each branch of the military, heroes from the Sims State Veteran Nursing Home in Panama City got a five star welcome to the miracle league field.

"We know that there have been bad times in our history, we vowed never again," said Tim Stockinger, Member of Warriors Watch. "So, what our goals are it to make sure every veteran.. past, present, and future knows that they are appreciated."

The national league faced off against the American league.

"The ones that you wouldn't think would participate are the ones who are the loudest; they are out here stealing all the bases," said O'Hare.

Pop fly, Home run, or even a strike out their smiles said it all.

"I've enjoyed every second," said Wellman.

"Makes you feel a lot better, we appreciate coming out here and doing this," said Lee Elwell, Navy Veteran.

The Warriors Watch motorcycle club put up flags around for the veterans and also volunteered to be buddies.