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Choctawhatchee River Flooding is No Stranger to Residents in Bruce

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The Choctawhatchee River has a history of flooding, most notably in 1994, when flood waters reached a record high. Now, residents in Bruce are no strangers to the event. The water is very high with many standing puddles on the roads and some newly formed potholes.


But with the rising flood waters, people in Bruce aren't that worried. "On a high point, I've seen it right over here on these grass flats, I saw a man with his grandchild catch a 2 pound shell cracker there on these grass beds. But right now this is not that bad, this is only 17.5 it's supposed to go to 18 I think by tomorrow and at 18 feet, this is all we are going to get", said Price Farmer, who has lived in Bruce his whole life.and says today's flooding is enough to be a bother."I picked up that picnic table, caught it down there twice, we usually tie it down."


They know exactly what to do because they dealt with flooding before and with that experience, they know what kind of problems flooding can bring. "It's not going to be real bad, but you have to watch out for in the Spring we are going to have a lot of snakes", said Farmer.


But soon enough, Farmer says the water will go down, "when the water goes down, it doesn't take very long at all, it's like a big toilet, it'll flush, with the north wind this water will run out if it doesn't rain, this water will run out in a week. After reaching major flood stage this weekend, the river should start to go down next week. "Until this rain stops, you're not going to be able to hunt the river", said Farmer.


Hunting the river or fishing, however you call it, is Farmers favorite pastime on the Choctawhatchee. "Nice bass, and the brim and shell cracker are wonderful out here, you can't beat the fishing out here", said Farmer.