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Flooding in South Walton Neighborhood is a Problem

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Nearly 24 hours of constant rain can cause flooding in most any area....but a neighborhood in Walton County says a re-occurring flooding problem in their community is just getting worse and worse. Residents in the Hidden Highlands neighborhood in Santa Rosa Beach couldn't leave their houses Saturday because the flood water was right at the porch and they tell me it's time for the county do to fix the problem.

"This is all we have is our home for our children and it's underwater." Jessica Hamlet is building a house a spotted dolphin road...in what she thought was a no-flood zone. "That's our wood up there for parts of our house, I could see parts of the house yesterday floating all around", said Hamlet. 

The recent rain has caused a backup in a nearby pond. "At 5:30 when the rain started I drew a line because the rain was coming up and then by the next day the water was up in this level. The rain had stopped but the water kept coming", said homeowner Gary Fleming. But Hidden Highlands homeowners say this isn't the first time this has happened. "Last summer it was up to the porch and was only about an inch and a half from going into the house. Had a car been able to make it down the road the wave would've flooded our house", said Fleming.

Homeowners like Fleming are just frustrated. "Well it's never very much fun especially when you want to be hiding Easter eggs for your grandchildren we almost had to give them snorkels and masks to find the eggs but we managed", said Fleming. "There's standing water on both sides because there's no where for it to drain out to", said Hamlet. Walton County Public Works Department worked into the night Saturday to remove the water but Hamlet says a temporary fix isn't good enough for her.

"We are thankful for what they did yesterday but we are begging to help us fix this problem because it's very dangerous, its heartbreaking, I can't even describe how we all felt yesterday on this road, it was devastating", said Hamlet. The County is aware of the problem and the public works crew was out there Saturday working on it but Fleming and Hamlet tell News 13 they need a long term solution.