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Remaining Jets Arrive at Tyndall Air Force Base

Remaining Jets Arrive at Tyndall Air Force Base

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Mr. Bones... is back. In 2012 Tyndall Air Force Base changed from an Air Education and Training Command to an Air Combat Command -- reactivating the 95th Fighter Squadron last October. 
"Bringing Mr. Bones back from the dead," said Lieutenant Colonel Erick Gilbert, Commander of the 95th Fighter Squadron. "The squadron has big history here at Tyndall Air Force Base."
With the arrival of the remaining jets from New Mexico the squadron is ready to move forward.  

The 95th will be responsible for being wartime ready to fulfill that combat command designation.  

"With that comes big responsibilities," said Colonel Gilbert. "Whenever there is a conflict or other national military objective that needs restored or provided than the 95th fighter squadron will be called upon to project that air power."

Air power that can be seen and heard over the skies of Tyndall Air Force Base and Bay County.  

More jets mean more flight time. On any given month the Raptors will fly anywhere from 300 to 350 missions.  

"We are planning on somewhere between 3500 and 4500 total flying hours for the next calendar year," said Gilbert. "It's awesome especially with great weather like this you can't beat it on the Gulf Coast. It's perfect!"

The 95th Fighter Squadron has a little bit of a road ahead of them before declaring full operational capability. Although they have all their jets they are only about three quarters manned so they are still waiting for some of the personnel to come in. But, Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert said that should happen within the next few months.