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Teachers in Walton County Choose Impasse Over Agreement

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Teachers in Walton County are still at impasse with the School District in negotiations over teacher salaries.
Monday night, the District called the teachers union back to the table for one last shot at coming to an agreement. 
The District came to the meeting with a 30-page packet of information, detailing the past proposals and negotiations, but the teachers didn't budge.
Sandra Butler negotiates for the Walton County Education Association, and said, "when you called us back to the table I thought you had a different proposal or something different to offer us so I was a bit disappointed when you went through all of the same numbers and put the same thing on the table."

In the last negotiation meeting, the two parties could not reach an agreement over the teachers salaries including incentive money from Governor Scott, that lead to impasse. But during impasse, negotiations are allowed to continue and the District called the teachers union back to the table Monday. In the past few months....the union and the District tentatively agreed to the Districts first proposal that split the incentive money between the teachers and non-instructional staff., but that proposal was voted down by the teachers in late February. After going over the details of the District's most recent proposal, the teachers union decided to continue the with impasse.

Jerry Copeland with the School District said, "we improved the offer the you did tentatively agree to by $150,000 and you didn't want to take it out to a vote." Butler added, "at this point the teachers are a little disappointed with the school, don't have a lot of faith, and what we want is an independent person to come in and look at everything."
The next step is for a special magistrate to look at the proposals and decide and that hearing will take place on May 2nd.