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Witnesses Called To The Stand In Bay County Murder Trial

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About a dozen witnesses were called to the stand, Tuesday, in the murder trial for the man who fired nine shots at his ex-girlfriend in broad day light, last March.  

Joseph moody is accused of first degree murder.

In the opening statement, Assistant State Attorney Bob Sombathy depicted the incident on the afternoon of March 19th, 2013.  He said Megan Pettis, 24, was leaving the Club Sun tanning salon in the Publix Shopping Center on 23rd street, similar to what she did many times on her lunch break from work.

She was on the phone with her friend, when Joseph Moody starting shooting at her. He fired nine shots.

A group of men tackled him to the ground and held him there until police arrived.

“For first degree murder, we have to prove a premeditated killing and to break that down that is premeditated and that’s an intent to kill,” said Bob Sombathy, Assistant State Attorney.  “That’s exactly what we are going to prove in this case."

The defense decided to forgo their opening statement until after the states witnesses had been called to the stand to testify.

"Can you describe his demeanor for us..  He was blank, he was on a mission, there wasn't nothing on his mind other than what he was doing," said Gene Duran, Eye Witness.

 “There was a guy that kept screaming ‘you just shot that little girl’,” said Justin Barnes.   

Did you hear the guy on the bottom the one you held down did you hear him say anything?

"I'd do it again."

"We talked then she told me she was going to Wendy’s,” said Charles Smith, on the phone with Pettis at the time of the accident.

“Did she say anything else?

She said oh s**t and then the car the horn..  went beep.. that’s all I could hear.”

The trial will continue tomorrow, News 13 will bring updates as they become available.