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Callaway Candidates React to Super Tuesday Election Results

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In the City of Callaway, the Mayor and two Council seats were up for grabs during Tuesday's election.

Mayor Thomas Abbott will hold on to his seat with 589 votes over challenger Janene Melvin with 412 votes.

"I'm humbled that the citizens of this city have asked me to lead to do that for the next two years. It's an important time. I recognizethat," Mayor Abbott said. "I'm confident that the five members that the citizens have asked to serve are going to come together."

"Thank you for supporting me, and thank you for coming out and voting for me," Challenger Janene Melvin said. "I intend to still continue to go to the commission meetings and be involved in any way I can."

In the Commission Ward I seat, Melba Covey won with 656 votes over Incumbent Dennis DeLapp with 350 votes.

"We have had a lot of suggestions from the citizens. They've been dully noted, and we've written them down, and they just have a list of things they want to see," Covey, the political newcomer, said. "When I sit down up there, the first thing I want to work on is our charter."

In the Commission Ward 3 seat, Robert Pelletier received 739 votes over John Malone with 256.

"We're going to work, you know, come a week from now," Pelletier, also a newcomer, said. "I'll be making some notes and doing some more homework as to where we want to go in the very near future."

These results are unofficial and will be certified later this week.