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Mexico Beach Super Tuesday Results

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Bay County's three city elections are over and the unofficial results are in from the Bay County Supervisor of Elections Office. In Mexico Beach, there were three very close races. The results are below.

Council Member Group Two:

Mary Blackburn – 281 (53%)
Gary Woodham – 252 (47%)

Council Member Group Four:
Incumbent Tanya Castro – 268 (50%)
Tom Bailey – 264 (50%)

Council Member Group Five:
 Jeff Tendler – 275 (52%)
Bill McGlothlin – 254 (48%)

There are some changes for Mexico Beach after tonight’s election and with three very tight races we spoke to the three projected winners, Incumbent Tanya Castro, Mary Blackburn, and Jeff Tendler, talking about their victories.

“Well, you know, I think that when you run a smear campaign I guess that has a tendency to work in your favor, but I think that the people of Mexico Beach want Government that works for them and I’m just excited to continue to serve the people of Mexico Beach and look forward to the next two years,” said Council Member Elect Tanya Castro.

“We worked so hard for this and we got a lot of voters out that didn’t vote last year and they voted this year and that makes us feel wonderful,” said Council Member Elect Mary Blackburn. “Ran a clean campaign; we’re excited, we’re excited.”

“Well we’re pretty excited about it,” said Council Member Elect Jeff Tendler. “We felt good all day watching the folks come in and I think we got a lot of people out that haven’t been out and maybe voted in years, but they were just interested enough in what’s going on to get out and vote this time, so that was enough to put us over the edge.”

For a link to the unofficial results, click here.