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Advice for Booking Summer Travel

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If you are planning a trip somewhere for summer vacation time may be running out to get the best price.  But, be careful and do your homework.  Here are some helpful travel tips in this News 13 Problem Solver report.

So, you are taking a flight to California or other destination...maybe even a family trip this summer.  Many travelers start their search online.  However, “There is so much info is easy to get bogged down,” that according to Panama City travel agent Allen Sears.  If you add hotels, car rental, etc, you may need some help.  Sears says, “So many variations, cities around us to fly from.  Maybe one city is less expensive than another.  Where are the easier places to change planes?  Lot of places you might have multiple changes of planes to get somewhere.  You want an escorted trip, an independent trip, some type of combination of those things?  You can find all these little pieces, but actually putting all these pieces together…that is the tricky part.”

International travel takes another level of planning.  Do you need a passport to any destination out of the U.S.?  Sears tells us, “If you are going on an airplane out of the always have to have a passport.  Sometimes if you are on a cruise you may not have to have one.  But of course if something happened during your cruise and you want to come home, you would not’t be able to fly are kind of stuck.  We recommend passports… but there are sometimes you can get away without having one and avoid that cost." recommends these travel tips:

  • Plan as far ahead as you can.
  • Comparison shop.  Determine the complete cost of the trip including all fees.
  • Beware of unusually cheap prices and freebies.
  • Make sure you understand the terms of the deal.
  • Taking extra time before you buy…may save you money.
Allen Sears says, “95 percent of the people who come in to talk with us they have done a good amount of research,  you just got to be careful.”

Something else to keep in mind.  Travel insurance.  Your coverage may be limited in some areas.  Check with your insurance company.  And remember, if you buy your trip on a credit card...higher-end cards offer purchase protection that may help if you need it.